Transplanting trees at the Boulingrins Gardens


A unique environmental project is under way to preserve the local heritage of the Boulingrins Gardens.


Jardins des Boulingrins MonacoAn environmental project

With the temporary set-up of Hôtel de Paris and Sporting d’Hiver shops and future buildings in the Boulingrins Gardens, the Société des Bains de Mer has decided to carry out a full-scale exotic and exuberant botanical project with more trees, plants and beautiful specimens (palm trees, broadleaved trees and tropical species).

While the temporary shops undergo construction, some of the existing trees in the Boulingrins Gardens must be moved. The plants in the Little Africa Garden are not concerned.

Fifty trees will be transplanted to a nursery prior to permanent replanting in the garden.

This environmentally friendly project guarantees that Monaco’s plant heritage will be conserved and maintained in the heart of Monte-Carlo.




A company was chosen to carry out the work following an invitation to tender. Transplanting the trees in optimal conditions was an absolute priority and one of the selection criteria. The company must also take Monaco rules and regulations into consideration, particularly the green charter of the DAU (Urban Planning Department).

Depending on the plant species, transplanting must be carried out in certain conditions, e.g. warm soil, at the end of spring, in cold soil, in September. to prevent stress on the plan’s root system. Transplanting in warm soil, as require palm trees, will begin on 14 June and last 6 weeks.

All large specimens will be transported to three SBM storage areas. One is near New Beach, on land near the road along the sea; another is the nursery of La Vigie near the Monte Carlo Beach; the third site is called “Fondivine” and is located on the Moyenne Corniche. While the plants are being transported to the storage areas, all precautions will be taken to protect the trunks and branches with jute fabric or other materials.

The plants stored in nurseries that cannot be replanted while the temporary shops are open will be kept in plant containers until they can be permanently replanted. Plant maintenance during storage (watering, phytosanitary treatments, etc.) will be carried out by SBM gardeners. Since 1 June, prior to transplanting, trees are being cut and prepared and sick, dead or broken branches are removed according to standard practice. A precise inventory has been drawn up and submitted to government departments.


Jardins des Boulingrins MonacoMaintenance

Most of the trees will be kept and in particular the very large Chorisia speciosa on the higher part of the Boulingrins Gardens.

During the construction, all trees still in place will be carefully monitored. The landscape architect Jean Mus who is in charge of the overall project will ensure that trees will be maintained in perfect condition. Specifications will be addressed to companies regarding the minimum distance between levelling work and tree trunks, the possible use of temporary plant containers, implementing techniques to protect root systems, tree crowns, and tree trunks.

All planted areas will have a suitable automatic watering system depending on how the area is organised and managed and on the needs of each plant. Drip irrigation will be used to water the flowerbeds and the lawn will be watered using a micro-sprinkler system.

The landscape architect Jean Mus has been chosen for his perfect knowledge of Mediterranean land, his ancestral know-how, and his conception of space and ambience that respects the environment and site’s history. For the last thirty years, Jean Mus has been composing, imagining and reinventing gardens. He comes from a long line of great landscape artists who, over the last century, breathed new life into the flagship gardens of the Côte d’Azur and the French Riviera. The Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort and the Jean Mus office were awarded the Victoire d’Argent du Paysage in 2010.