Transformation of the Boulingrins Gardens


Since June 2013, works have been underway in the Boulingrins Gardens, the first stage of a large-scale project aiming to redevelop the current site occupied by Sporting d’Hiver, in the heart of Monte-Carlo.

Projet_galets_ARTA major project in the Monaco area, the redevelopment of Sporting d’Hiver starts with the Boulingrins Gardens. In order to temporarily rehouse the Sporting’s 20 luxury shops, architect Richard Martinet has designed all the ephemeral boulder-like pavilions which will be located between the avenue de la Costa and the Place du Casino. The trees that used to occupy this space will be cultivated in nurseries to be replanted once the works are complete. 


These futuristic-style shops will be precursors for the structure that will stand at the current location of the Sporting d’Hiver. New buildings will change the appearance of the area and will make it a place of entertainment and conviviality, characterised by the desire to set an example in terms of green urbanism and sustainable development, two concepts close to the heart of Monte-Carlo SBM and the Principality of Monaco.


Work timetable: 

- 19 June 2013: transplantation phase 1 – transplantation of rooted trees from warm climates from the Boulingrins Gardens to the Monte-Carlo Beach and Fondivine nurseries.

- September 2013: transplantation phase 2 – trees from cold climates to the Boulingrins Gardens.

- 30 September 2013: work begins to set up pop-up shops in the Boulingrins Gardens.

- Pavilions to be ready in May 2014.