Thai Break at Buddha-Bar Monte-Carlo


From 12 to 19 April, take a break during the Monte-Carlo Rolex Masters! Come celebrate the Thai New Year with us at the Buddha-Bar Monte-Carlo!


For this occasion and to celebrate Songkran, Chef Eric Guillemaud and Chef Wagner Spadacio have some culinary surprises in store for you.


In addition to our menu, we also offer delicious food that’s perfect for sharing:


- Tennis Temari Sushi

- Shrimp cake, mango salsa  

- Parrot fish, sauté vegetables, ThaiPeille sauce    

- Lemon and raspberry dome    



Try our cocktails, too:


- Bandit Passing Shot (Non-alcoholic drinks)

Happy Lounge (18:00 to 20:00): 8€

Regular price: 10€


- Lob Kyri (Alcoholic drinks)

 Happy Lounge (18:00 to 20:00): 16€

Regular price: 20€


and more! Travel to Thailand and back with our unique programme!