Russian Gastronomy Season in Monaco


The new 2015 edition is part of Russian Year in Monaco and will take place from 19 to 22 February for the winter season and from 12 to 19 June for the summer season.

 The Seasons of Russian Gastronomy in Monaco

In the context of Russian Year in Monaco celebrating the culture, spirit and raison d’être of Russia, it only seems fitting that we should also showcase Russian gastronomy in Monaco in 2015.

This wonderful initiative was founded by Natalia Marzoeva and has been a fantastic opportunity for promoting cultural and culinary exchanges between the two countries. 


Our chefs, Joël Garault from the Hôtel Hermitage Monte-Carlo and Jean-Claude Brugel from the Café de Paris, will receive Konstantin Makridin (Culinary Advisor to the President of Russia) with the aim of introducing customers to new flavours. 


Many events will be organised to highlight the incredible finesse of Russian culture.

The winter season from 19 to 22 February

From 19 to 22 February, Russian delicacies will be on the lunch and dinner menu. It will be the ideal occasion for discovering menus prepared as part of a collaborative effort.


On 21 February, at the grand Gala dinner of the Russian Gastronomy Season in Monaco, you can discover the latest Russian cultural trends.

A concert organised with the Russian group Terem, a fashion show held by the designer Elena Badmaeva, an exhibition of 19th and 20th century Russian paintings, children’s pastry-making workshops, quizzes and more: a fun and festive programme of events awaits!

The summer season from 12 to 19 June

Our chefs Joël Garault, Jean-Claude Brugel and Marcel Ravin from the Monte-Carlo Bay Hôtel as well as Russian chefs Ivan and Serguey Berezutsky from Twins, Vladimir Mukhin from White Rabbit, and Andrey Shmakov from Metropol will be participating in this festival of flavours, offering a week of exceptional dishes. 


Reservations / Information


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Hôtel Hermitage Monte-Carlo

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