RENEVE: a brand devoted to your beauty


RENEVE is a Monaco-based cosmetics brand. With its partner Thermes Marins Monte-Carlo, it is devoted to your beauty! 

Reneve Mesopore High-Tech TreatmentsBased in the Principality for 14 years, Reneve offers a full range of products and services for beautiful skin, helping you to maintain a youthful appearance.


 Moreover, Reneve develops and sells medical and beauty technology and devices for the face and body.

Used alongside cosmetics products, these different technologies ensure results that are instantly visible to the naked eye.


We all want to look our best for the holidays, especially to our partners. So this month, we will be presenting two technologies used specifically for the face: MESOPORE and RADIAGE.

Mesopore High-Tech Mesopore Treatment – Reneve

Mesoporation is a complex method using special currents to carry active ingredients through the skin. It offers the possibility of application in very specific areas without affecting systemic circulation.


Using this technique, the skin absorbs an astonishing amount of substances that are then stored in the skin tissue and finally released over the 24 hours following the treatment, thereby strengthening and prolonging the effect.


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Radiage High-Tech Treatment – Reneve

This radio frequency-based technology creates a magnetic field that alternatively attracts positive and negative ions.

The electromagnetic energy emitted when encountering the resistance of biological tissue is transformed into thermal energy.


Warming the tissue boosts the metabolism, and the radio frequency simultaneously stimulates fibroblasts that produce new collagenThese combined actions restructure the skin.


The skin seems firmer and more toned and the face appears more defined; the hands of time have been visibly pushed back a few years.


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Visible and long-lasting results

With these two technologies and in collaboration with our partner, we have developed new face treatments for optimal results.


Regardless of whether Radiage or Mesopore is selected, several phases are systematically offered: the face is prepared and exfoliated (better skin preparation favours absorption of cosmetics), the technology is used and finally a mask and moisturising lotion are applied.


Whatever your aim (hydration, firmness, anti-ageing etc.), our therapists will discuss treatment possibilities with you and select the technology and treatments that are most suited to your skin and needs.


With Reneve‘s retail product range, you can prolong the effects of Reneve treatments at home.


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