New from Spa Cinq Mondes at the Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort


After Eau du Brésil, come discover Gelée du Brésil and Nectar du Brésil from Cinq Mondes and bring the ancestral Brazilian art of bathing home with you



Cinq Mondes revisits the art of Banho or bathing with three new products – Gélée du Brésil, Nectar du Brésil and Eau du Brésil – that gently refresh the skin with notes of lime, coconut water and white cedar.


These three treasures were inspired by a new World Beauty Ritual, Banho, or the ancestral Brazilian art of bathing. In addition to cleansing the body, this ritual was a way to commune with the power of water and to rid the body of physical and mental stress. Brazilians used to bathe in the waterfalls deep in the Amazon to commune with the refreshing and purifying power of water. They took time to meditate, recharging their batteries both mentally and spiritually thanks to nature’s therapeutic effects.


Gelée du Brésil, with its frosted gel texture and refreshing scent, transforms an everyday shower into a unique sensory experience. Thanks to Gelée du Brésil, the skin is soft and hydrated, and the hair is light and supple.


Nectar du Brésil is a moisturiser for the body to be used in the shower. It has a smooth, creamy texture and contains camu camu and coconut water, which have toning and moisturising properties. Use Nectar du Brésil in the shower on damp skin. Massage lightly to apply; rinsing is optional. Dab the surplus with a towel as needed. In no time at all, the skin feels fresh and moisturised with a lovely fragrance!


Eau du Brésil refreshing body mist is an important part of the Banho bathing ritual. This ode to freshness created by Olivia Giacobetti consists of mild lemon and lime essence sweetened with notes of coconut water and white cedar for a smooth, velvet finish. The subtle alchemy of ingredients offers the sensation of a fresh, outdoor shower. Eau du Brésil can be used on the body, hair and even pillows for a journey of the senses as far as the waterfalls of the Amazon.



Gelée du Brésil – Bahia ritual


19 euros – 200 ml


Nectar du Brésil – Bahia ritual


29 euros – 150 ml


Eau du Brésil – Bahia ritual 

Available now 
49 euros – 100 ml