Mystery Jackpot returns in September 2010


mysteryjackpot-gfEvery weekend, the Mystery Jackpot enables all holders of Slot Privilege cards to win thousands of points in the MegaCube which can be converted into free gaming sessions. The Slot Privilege card is entirely free, be sure to ask for yours.

Here are the next dates concerning the Mystery Jackpot MegaCube :
– Friday, September 3rd – Sunday, Septembre 5th
– Friday, September 9th – Sunday, Septembre 12th
– Friday, September 17th – Sunday, Septembre 19th
– Friday, September 24th – Sunday, Septembre 26th

These Mystery Jackpot MegaCube are open to everybody, with or without cards.

Prizes are :
– 1 Joker : you win a bottle of Champagne
– 2 Jokers : your points are doubled and you win a bottle of Champagne
– 3 Jokers : your points are tripled  and you win a bottle of Champagne

Every weekend at the Casino Café de Paris and Sun Casino.