Mushrooms at the Café de Paris


From 22 to 28 September, discover our special seasonal mushroom menu at the Café de Paris.

At this time of year every year, you can enjoy the spirit of autumn at the Café de Paris with the “mushroom menu”, consisting of a special series of seasonal dishes where these small tasty wonders are the star, each one tastier than the next.


These specialities concocted by the Chef and his team are available for lunch and dinner, from noon to 15.00 and from 19.00 to 23.00 :

- Vevelty mushroom soup with purée of eggplant and fried mozzarella stick

- Stuffed pheasant with pistachio, marinated mushroom in oil

- Salad of mushrooms, bacon and foie gras / Insalata con funghi, pancetta e foie gras

- Omelette with ceps and salad

- Wild mushroom risotto

- Tagliatelle with ceps and sautéed gambas

- Sauteed scallop with chanterelle and purée of spinach


Discover the speciality menu



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