MONTE-CARLO SBM celebrates its 150th anniversary


A unique celebration, on the premise of a dream…


1863 : And Monaco invented Monte-Carlo…


150 ans Monte-Carlo SBM

In 1863, under the auspices of its founder, François Blanc, the « Société des Bains de Mer et du Cercle des Etrangers à Monaco » is born, known today as Monte-Carlo SBM.
Its founder had accepted an invitation from Prince Charles III of Monaco, following a visionary inspiration from his mother Princess Caroline.


Through the development of the establishments included in the Société des Bains de Mer, a new neighbourhood will emerge, on the top of the Spélugues plateau, named Monte-Carlo in 1866.


The inauguration of the new Casino in 1863 is the founding act of the Société des Bains de Mer. Adjacent to the Casino, François Blanc then creates a Palace, the Hôtel de Paris, a social gathering place and restaurant, the Café Divan (future Café de Paris) and a spa dedicated to health and well-being, the Thermes Marins Monte-Carlo.


His successors will further develop and sustain his vision by providing for pleasure-seeking clientele new offerings up to par with their expectations. Arts are sublimated on the newly built Casino Square, the Golf Club and Monte-Carlo Country Club celebrate land-based sports, the Monte-Carlo Beach will devote itself to seaside pleasures, while the Sporting d’Eté will celebrate the world of show business. Simultaneously,new palaces are refurbished, the Hôtel Hermitage, or built, the Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort to preserve the spirit of innovation and magic of the stay. Finally, new venues dedicated to festivity, such as the famous Jimmy’z nightclub or the Buddha-Bar Monte-Carlo.



2013 : The legend lives on…


150 ans Monte-Carlo SBMFrançois Blanc and the teams now perpetuating his work at Monte-Carlo SBM, are the first entrepreneurs to offer a « total » resort experience not simply a holiday spot.


Today, Monte-Carlo SBM group is one of the leading players in the European gaming sector and leaders in luxury tourism in Monaco, all the while collaborating with the most important sporting and cultural events in the Principality.


Visiting Monaco is a unique experience, consecrating the SBM as the precursor of modern tourism, now offering a complete ‘Art de vivre’ package.


While the immortal words of François Blanc « here, we must present the dream » remain as true as ever, his message inspires the perpetual evolution of the company that invented the resort concept and which, throughout the generations, continues to evolve with creativity and expertise. 

To celebrate its 150-year anniversary, Monte-Carlo SBM will honour its institutional and trade excellence, magnificently illustrating the conductive lead of this eventful year: «1863 : And Monaco invented Monte-Carlo. 2013: the legend lives on … ».



A year to experience or re experience the Resort concept

Since its creation, the group has imposed a persona of extremely high standards, audacious and inimitable, in the universe of luxury tourism. In this spirit and to perpetuate the history of the Société des Bains de Mer, a calendar of events has been developed throughout 2013. It conveys the founding philosophy of the resort

complex: « everything, immediately, in one place ». The entire team of employees have implemented their talents to make each moment unique. Every client, guest or visitor in Monaco thus benefit from a few moments or several months to… dream.


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