Mixology shows off at the Bar Américain


Hôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo‘s legendary bar is offering an unprecedented mixology experience courtesy of leading European bartenders!

 Peter Zuffa – Donovan Bar London


From January, these top players on the drinks scene will join head barman Khalid El Hajroui for three days each to treat you to their latest creations. The overwwatching idea is to afford the public more insight into the bar world and how it functions by means of numerous events, and to foster links between famous establishments.

Program :

From the 26th to 28th January : Peter Zuffa, Donovan Bar – Brown’s Hotel

Peter Zuffa nurtures his talent at Brown’s Hotel’s Donovan Bar in London, offering a menu of signature cocktails with innovative flavours that combine strength and originality, prepared with fresh products.

From the 10th to 12th February : Luca Cinalli, Oriole Bar – London

Luca Cinalli tends bar at the prestigious Oriole Bar, another trendy London spot. Invited all over the globe to mix his amazing signature cocktails, Luca will share his world with you for one night at the Bar Américain.

From the 17th to 18th March : Patrick Greco, Bulgari Hotel Milano – Milan

Information and reservations:

+377 98 06 38 38