Michel Portal and Aldo Romano – Monte-Carlo Jazz Festival 2011


aldo-romano-GFAldo Romano

Drummer and composer Aldo Romano worked on a project evolving around Afro-Amerindian composer and cornet-player Donald “Don” Cherry, an accomplice of Ornette Coleman, responsible for associating jazz with traditional music from all around the world.
Aldo Romano, who crossed his path and shared with him the stages of Paris and Copenhagen, recalls “the simplicity, bareness and generosity of his playing”. Which is the lead he has taken with his quartet, in a collective spirit, creating true osmosis between himself and his three musicians.
Musicians he knows well and who he knows to be capable of living up to his expectations. Henri Texier, a friend of 30 years on bass, the incredible Italian trumpeter Fabrizio Bosso, and saxophonist Géraldine Laurent with her “unique personality” are thus in “Complete Communion”.
This double complicity – Aldo Romano-Don Cherry, Aldo Romano and his band – led to an album released in 2010, far removed from a traditional tribute, more like a magnificent evocation, devoid of nostalgia.


Michel Portal

Michel Portal sees music as a single “large body” with its moods, ups-and-downs and contradictions, resulting in as many styles and variations all based on sound.
After trying his hand at several instruments, he opted for the clarinet, then the alto saxophone, a medium essential to the practice of jazz.
Despite his technique and winning First Prize for the clarinet at the Conservatoire National Supérieur in Paris, he suffered from not belonging to the “seraglio” of jazzmen. He therefore decided to pursue a new path and joined a kind of protest movement by participating in the recording of the Free Jazz album (1965). He thus found himself in the vanguard of contemporary music as well as jazz improvisation.
The following years did not belie his status as an artiste apart, a reputation based on his eclecticism and very high standards.
Capable of challenging his artistic development even after a career spanning 50 years (celebrated in 2006 at the Olympia), the clarinetist has once again surprised his fans with his latest album, “Baïlador” (2010), as unclassifiable as his previous offerings, extremely sophisticated and truly inspired. . .

With, as the opening set :
The Winner of the Jazz/Soloists Contest 2010 : Alex Terrier

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