Mateo Mornar Exhibition, “Homage to Women”


expoFrom public premises to those dedicated to the privileged few, artist Mateo Mornar invites us to contemplate immensity.

His drawings, sculptures and plans for grandiose architecture fill a territory which is redefined thanks to their own lives and generosity ; they exist in total harmony with their environment, incorporated into a setting that becomes extremely precious, quite simply unique.

Time stands still, like time shared by lovers, a bastion of eternity in which contemplation asks questions of the spectator, its discovery making him infinitely richer.
Mateo Mornar suspends his sculptures of women, all characterized by a strong vein of femininity ; they hang on by a hand, or a foot ; even when curled up on themselves, they deliver the spaciousness of their roundness, their hidden gaze…

A gaze that makes us feel, understand : their closed eyes reveal to us all that is invisible.

Rendez-vous in the lobby of the Café de Paris from July 16th until August 31st 2010, to admire this collection signed Mateo Mornar.