Healthy, reasonable cuisine at the Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort


Partner of Monaco.Green, the Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort invites you to discover its seasonal organic menu.

organic Bay


Executive Chef Marcel Ravin proposes exotic cuisine that combines spices with a respect for local produce, accompanied by a variety of vegetables and herbs grown in the hotel gardens.


Marcel Ravin has a philosophy. Driven by a deep passion for cooking, he works exclusively with the highest quality products. He rigorously selects products in the field directly from certified organic distributors that he insists on meeting personally. The products are then selected for their taste, nutritional and aesthetic qualities and are cooked to preserve all their natural properties.


The Blue Bay restaurant’s autumnal menu is as tantalising as it is surprising: a perfectly complementary balance of organic produce and gastronomy that is simply delightful to the palate! 

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