Get Back on the Slopes prepared with Thermes Marins Monte-Carlo


Just like Monaco’s own downhill ski champion Arnaud Alessandria, you can benefit from from Ski Preparation Coaching! 


The winter season is now well under way, with the first snowfalls and ski holidays of the season. To take full advantage of your holiday, it’s important to prioritise both enjoyment and safety. That’s why we’ve designed specific ski preparation coaching treatments just for you.  


Downhill ski champion Arnaud Alessandria knows what he’s doing: in the hands of qualified therapists at Thermes Marins Monte-Carlo who use the latest generation of technological equipment, he optimises recovery and preparation for the 2015-016 season.


Whether you want to demonstrate athletic prowess or just get some modest exercise after a holiday binge, performance and getting into shape are essential to physical and mental wellness. Take a look and see which treatments best suit your needs:






Huber Motion Lab session with coaching (30’)

With this unique technology, you can improve your physical abilities, reshape your figure and correct your posture in record time.


Miha Bodythec session (30’)

This electrical muscle stimulation technique offers quick and visible results, promoting vitality, strength, slimming and firmness.   






Huber Motion Lab session with coaching (30’)

Miha Bodythec session (30’)


Vacusport session (20’) 


Cryotherapy session

Improves recovery, soothes muscle and inflammatory conditions, and improves circulation. 


For a complete training course, you can buy a set of 10 sessions for these two treatments:

Ski Preparation Coaching: €1620 (-10%)

Premium Ski Preparation Coaching: €1890 (-10%)


* Net prices. Offer cannot be used simultaneously with other promotional offers.