Full Moon party at the Sea Lounge


The Sea Lounge invites you to every full moon for magical moments between earth and sky!

Full Moon party at the Sea Lounge

This summer, the Oscar for creativity goes to the Sea Lounge for its multitude of events worthy of the greatest international clubs. The Full Moon soirées are a perfect example!


A magical moment between earth and sky, the Sea Lounge welcomes you to each full moon in a Balinese ambience among the Buddhas and net curtains.

“Chill out” will be the slogan for these soirées where the music and candlelight will take you away… On Friday 13 June, Saturday 12 July and Sunday 10 August, come move to the rhythm of DJ Saad.




Open from 16.00 to 1.00 
T. (377) 98 06 54 54

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