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For its 150-year anniversary, Monte-Carlo SBM opens the doors to the Hôtel de Paris wine cellar and launches the 150 Wines event. Discover the 150 Wines mobile application for iPhone and Android


For the 150-year anniversary of Monte-Carlo SBM, for the first time in its history, the famous Hôtel de Paris wine cellar unveils its best-kept treasures.

From 22 June and for 150 days, 150 Bordeaux Grands Crus will star in an exceptional tasting by the glass in Monte-Carlo SBM’s hotels and casinos. A special event which will give you the unique chance to enjoy legendary Grands Crus in our establishments.



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Make the most of this event thanks to our 150 wines application which will provide you with all the useful details you need;


- Discover the 150 fine Bordeaux wines on offer: from Haut-Médoc to St Julien and the prestigious Pétrus Grand Crus or even the rare Le Pin 2000 vintage, discover the 150 wines that the Hôtel de Paris will unveil for you for the first time.  


- Locate wines according to sales outlets and establishments: in just a few seconds find where you can taste the wine of your choice from our different establishments.


- Gelocation of the different establishments of the event’s partner resort: Discover the Monte-Carlo SBM resort as well as the exact site of all our establishments and come and sample our Grands Crus.  











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