Dangerous Luxury Exhibition by the Campana Brothers


Fernando and Humberto Campana, the famous Brazilian designer duo who are alsobrothers, are revealing their private universe to the world in the Sporting d’Hiver banquet rooms through an exhibition specially created for Monte-Carlo SBM: Dangerous Luxury.


Dangerous LuxuryThe Salle des Arts presents a world preview exhibition of the brothers’ latest designs, which will also be available for purchase.
This exhibition is realized in collaboration with “Galleria O. Roma”.  


The furnishings combine natural fibres produced in the central region of Brazil, with decorative elements that have a European influence inspired by Art Deco.


The Salle Saint James will be displaying forbidden jewels to the public eye, with a unique blend of Brazilian influence and the elegance of European fine jewellery.


Finally, a series of sketches, which the Campana Brothers have loaned to the exhibit for the occasion, enables the public to delve further into the creative mind of the two designers.


The exhibition opening will be held during the Exceptional Weekend.


Thanks to their amazing designs made mostly with recycled materials, the Campana Brothers were able to make a name for themselves in international design. Their success and style have also led to the creation of a new and particularly prolific Brazilian style of design. 





Dangerous Luxury

Created from pieces of recycled wood and reassembled to highlight its craftsmanship, the Favela chair is one of their earliest successes. 
DANGEROUS LUXURY by the Campana Brothers

Inspired by the Baroque style, these furnishings have been created with gilded bronze moulds from ancient decorative elements.
DANGEROUS LUXURY by the Campana Brothers

Dangerous Luxury  - Campana brothers





DANGEROUS LUXURY by the Campana Brothers

6 to 20 July 2013 – 11am to 7pm
Place du Casino – Sporting d’hiver – Salle des Arts 






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