Casino de Monte-Carlo : Renovation completed


Monte-Carlo SBM recently undertook a major renovation of its historic casino. This Painstaking work, tackled in several stages, was completed in May. With superb results, as you can see here.

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Resume the legend

Everything was restored, paintings and gilding included, to freshen up the whole effect and create a sense of continuity between the various rooms. And so the Casino de Monte-Carlo dazzles once more in all its iconic splendour.
Once the Salle Médecin and Salle Touzet Sud had been renovated throughout, the final stages of work involved restoring the Salle Europe (where a bar has been installed), the Salon Renaissance and the Salon Touzet Nord to their former opulence and elegance.

Free access to the Casino de Monte-Carlo!

Players will be delighted to learn they no longer have to pay or undergo and ID check to access the Hall Renaissance, Salon Europe, Salle des Amériques and Salle Blanche, where American games tables and slot machines have been installed. However, ID check and admission fees (10€) remain in place for the European games romms.

Finally, just like at a museum, visitors can discover this architectural masterpiece undisturbed each morning between 9am and 1pm.


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