27th “Printemps des Arts” Festival



Under the presidency of HRH the Princess of Hanover, Monte-Carlo’s Spring Arts Festival will be held over 4 weekends from March 18th to April 10th, 2011.


Come enjoy this 27th edition in which leading international performers will be on stage to participate in original programs of classical music and new creations. This festival proposes unusual programming in different locations, all waiting to be discovered. 

- Weekend of March 18th to 20th : Homage to Turkey, with “turqueries” and whirling Dervishes.
– Weekend of March 25th to 27th : Portrait of Gabriel Fauré and Robert Schumann with the traditional surprise journey.
– Weekend of April 1st to 3rd : “Grand Orchestras” evening, a “violon night” and to conclude ” Events/existing”.
– Weekend of April 8th to 10th : Devoted to works by Robert Schumann with “Symphony N°3″ and the work “Missa Sacra” bringing the festival to its close.


A festival bringing members of today’s creative world together, in a series of concerts rich in emotion !

 For further information on the “Printemps des Arts” festival and its program : http://www.printempsdesarts.com

Reservations by calling : (+377) 98 06 28 28